Chief Operating Officer | USA

The Chief Operating Officer is the head of Operational Excellence within Barenbrug USA. This includes Production Activities, Supply Chain, Logistics, Manufacturing Operations, Inventory Control and Reporting. The Chief Operating Officer direct reporting lines include VP’s, Directors, and Managers in key areas of responsibility. The COO serves on the executive team made up of the CEO, CFO, and Sales/Marketing Executive(s) to develop and manage the tactical and strategic direction of Barenbrug USA.

Essential Functions

• Serve on the Executive Team, Barenbrug USA.
• Executive Management of Production and Operations.
• Assist in Executive Management of R&D, Sales, Marketing, and Finance.
• Develop and Execute Strategic Direction of Barenbrug USA/ Translating Strategy into Action.
• Understand the company’s goal and purpose to enhance performance and deliver KPI’s.
• Direct the Development and Execution of: Analytics, Forecasting, Reporting, Dynamic Stock Positions, Cost Outflow, and Revenue Stream.
• Collect and Deliver analytics on Operational Activities.
• Manage Strategic Collaborating with Internal and External Partners.
• Know the Key Expectations/Capabilities of our largest Clients and Cooperators.

Position Key Performance Indicators (KPI’s)

1. Company results:
Stock Position results to Budget/Parameters.
Aligned Supply Planning with Sales/Revenue Planning.
Reduce Working Capital Needs.


2. Operational Excellence:
Manage activities and facilities efficiently.
Streamline Planning to Order and Demand to Stock.
Ontime in Full Order fulfillment and Customer Satisfaction.


3. Team Member and Culture Development:
Foster a culture for growth of team members.
Maintain and enforce a Barenbrug culture consistent with our Mission, Vision, and
Work to make the Barenbrug experience excellent at every level.


Are you interested in this position and would like to join our team at Barenbrug USA? For more information about the vacancy, please contact Justin Burns, our General Manager. He will be happy to answer your questions and provide more details about the application process. We look forward to receiving your application and possibly welcoming you soon as a valuable member of our team.