Chief Revenue Officer | USA

The Chief Revenue Officer will be the head of marketing and sales functions for Barenbrug USA. The CRO will be responsible for setting the strategic direction of sales and marketing, establishing parameters, and measuring results. This includes Business Optimization, Data and Statistical Analysis, Product Development/Management, MarCom, Customer and Segment Rationalization, Pricing, Planning, Tracking, and Implementation of Strategic Plans carried out by the leads in each area of responsibility.

Supervisory Responsibility

This role is responsible for managing and leading both direct and indirect reports with sales, marketing, customer service and operations planning.

Primary Objectives

• Establish best practices within the organization to create efficiency and optimize the customer/consumer experience.
• Develop and execute the strategic plan for Barenbrug USA.
• Oversee Sales Forecasting and manage sales budgeting.
• Manage Stock Management, Sales, Marketing, and Operational Planning.
• Works closely with the Director of Research and the Director of Marketing to align product development and market development.


The CRO resides on the executive team of 4, leading all functions of the company, and is responsible for stewarding, marketing, and sales activities in alignment with Finance, Human Resources, IT, Operations, Production, Research and Global agendas.

Essential Functions

• Serve on Executive Team at Barenbrug USA
• Strategic Planning (3+ year)
• Marketing and Sales Forecasting (1-3 year)
• Budgeting
• Customer acquisition, development, and retention
• Micro and Micro market condition evaluation and reaction
• Customer Experience Management
• Market Needs analysis
• Portfolio Management/Product Development
• Consumer Engagement/Development
• S and OP
• Target setting/goal tracking
• Retain, develop, and attract professional talent.


Are you interested in this position and would like to join our team at Barenbrug USA? For more information about the vacancy, please contact Justin Burns, our General Manager. He will be happy to answer your questions and provide more details about the application process. We look forward to receiving your application and possibly welcoming you soon as a valuable member of our team.